8-285 PSA – INOX – YEP

Product no: 8-285

Main Features

  • Rotates through 360° adjustable in the direction of the load
  • Manufactured from forged stainless steel
  • Tested in accordance with EN795 or TS16415
  • Load rated parts are 100% magnaflux crack detected
  • Individual forged parts and cap screw are traceable to Test Certification
  • Passed 22.2KN/person load testing
  • Passed 100kg or 150 kg dynamic fall testing (EU standard is 100 kg)
  • Meets all requirements of the German BG BAU (Employer’s insurance association of the building industry)
  • Meets all requirements of DIN EN795, DIN EN50308, OSHA1926.502
  • Acc. to DIN EN 365 including statement for the number of load bearing persons is 1-2 persons
  • YOKE yellow powder coating for high visibility
  • Suitable for permanently outdoor application
  • PSA-INOX Lifting point to be as an anchor point for personal protective equipment