Tiger & Safehold sign exclusive strategic agreement

Nov 15, 2022

Tiger Lifting UK Limited and Safehold Limited Sign Exclusive Strategic Manufacturing and Distribution Agreement

It is with great pleasure we announce a unique joint venture agreement between two industry heavyweights, Tiger Lifting UK Limited and Safehold Limited.

Safehold has appointed Tiger Lifting as a strategic manufacturing partner for a range of complimentary products including some unique co-developed winches alongside many other exciting new developments. This is an important step for Safehold in securing overseas manufacturing with world class like-minded partners.

Tiger has further agreed to partner with Safehold on all its Height Safety products for the future with Safehold providing technical knowhow, product supply, training, and servicing.

Tiger will remain focused on the development of its core lifting gear products but now has the depths to support height safety products through this unique partnership and strategic alliance with Safehold.

We will soon be releasing a NEW jointly developed hand winches specifically developed for confined space access. Safehold has provided the engineering enhancements and user insights while Tiger has been able to focus on manufacturing where their expertise is unparalleled in the marketplace. Tiger have been at the forefront of innovative winch design for over 40 years and pioneered the first ever brake hand winch.

Both businesses see this partnership as industry pioneering, complimentary and strategically important.

Managing Director of Tiger Lifting UK Inglis commented, “we have known the team from Safehold for many years and identified their approach to business, their technical capabilities and high quality and innovative products as a great fit with ours, so bringing these two business together through such an exciting opportunity to collaborate made great sense to us. We are thrilled to be partners”

CEO for Safehold Auston added, “Tiger Lifting make world class lifting products and are industry leaders in their hand winches. We were looking for an innovative, quality manufacturing partner for our new line of confined space access winches and Tiger was an obvious choice. This was a great way to cement our relationship and to leverage our unique skill sets and capabilities. This joint venture required total trust and brand alignment of our visions and products, instead of hiding beneath a sticker we are proud to truly be partners, proudly displaying our respective brands as industry leaders.

With nearly 60 years of professional manufacturing experience, Tiger’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction mean they continue to develop their products – and ultimately solutions – for what can be complex scenarios, by communicating and working closely with their customers.

They employ over 100 people across distribution centres located in Europe, North America and South East Asia, their manufacturing plant based in Taiwan and various sales offices in different countries.

The Tiger range includes unique, patented designs and their products meet or exceed all relevant international standards, serving all spheres of global industry.

They hold complete technical files to provide full back-up and reassurance on their products’ performance and to ensure that support for equipment is readily available.