Tiger delighted to join the network of RiConnect and distribute SupraTag

Feb 2, 2022

A great start to the year of the Tiger as we are delighted to announce that Charles Tsao of Tiger Lifting and Steven Hong of RiConnect have formed a mutual global cooperation framework.

Tiger will join the network of RiConnect and will have access to the SupraTag which will be distributed through operations in Taiwan, North America, Australia, Southeast Asia and the UK. 

Sustainability is increasingly important. Quality, reliability and serviceability of products, increasing product life cycles, is essential. Making use of digitalisation technologies like RFID (which is within the SupraTag) to digitalise inspection management systems and efficiently manage inventory will become important. Having instructions, certification, inspection information and checklists available digitally helps companies manage their environmental impact and reduces time for equipment to be put into service making for more efficient operations.

RiConnect is a powerful cloud-based SaaS (software as a service) with no download required, which specialises in Critical Asset Management & Pre-use Check. RiConnect provides not just a solution for asset management but also a platform for efficient and accurate information transaction between different parties along the supply chain, including product manufacturers, asset owners, and inspection service providers. It helps to maximize the utilization of assets, and optimise asset maintenance and inspection plans, while fulfilling the needs of all the stakeholders in the process.

Tiger is thrilled to be bringing this innovation to our customers and further cement the relationship between major global brands.