CSC Screw Cam Clamp

The Tiger CSC ‘swivel hook’ screw cam clamp is suitable for many applications. It is particularly useful for lifting and pulling sheet metal, girders, and steel constructions. It is fitted with a moveable cam on the thread spindle which provides a powerful clamping force on the object being moved.

It can be used for lifting and transporting a large variety of different shaped steel, ranging from steel plates and structured steel to curved and spherical shaped steel. As well as transporting plate, this clamp is well-suited to turning over steel structures and welded constructions. It is also designed to be used in conjunction with a Tiger lever hoist to align steel structures of fabrications. These clamps are ideally suited for the construction industry.

When loaded, the Cam swivels in proportion to the load applied and the teeth edges of the cam bite into the plate to increase the clamping force, even when vibrations occur during operation.

Product no: CSC



Each unit comes fully certified with a test certificate or an EC Declaration of Conformity stating compliance with the essential health and safety requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Due to our policy of continual product development, dimensions, weights and specifications may change without prior notice. Please check with your Tiger sales team when ordering.

Data Tables

Product Code Capacity (tonne) Dimensions (mm) Net Weight (kg) Technical Drawing
Jaw Opening A B C D E
CSC-0050 0.5 0-28 52 158 11 18 105 0.7
CSC-0150 1.5 0-32 77 210 16 30 152 4.0
CSC-0300 3.0 0-50 88 270 19 36 191 6.0
CSC-0600 6.0 0-75 153 290 32 45 255 18.0