Recovery Block

The Tiger Recovery Winch functions as a standard fall arrest block, but in the event of a fall, the rewind/rescue mechanism can be engaged to raise and/or lower a fallen worker. They can be mounted onto the tripod or a davit arm for access and egress from a confined space. They are compliant with BS EN 360:2002, regulating retractable type fall arresters, BS EN 1496:2017 covering rescue lifting devices and PPE regulation (EU) 2016/425.

Product no: SATRA Certified

Main Features

  • Part of the Tigersafe range of height safety equipment
  • Lightweight, compact and durable
  • Triple pawl brake system with energy dissipating mechanism
  • Side cable exit for smooth operation and reduced cable wear
  • Ergonomic carrying handle makes transport, set-up and storage easy and safe
  • Top anchor point with built-in swivel – limits lifeline twisting
  • Supplied with screw gate karabiner for fitting to a suitable anchor point
  • Top scaffold hook available as an option
  • Lower self-locking snap hook and swivel with built-in impact indicator for connecting directly to the safety harness
  • All fittings meet EN 362:2004
  • Available with 15m or 30m wire rope lengths
  • Complete with energy absorber
  • Buffer spring at cable exit protects block and allows for smooth operation
  • Easy to inspect
  • Fully serviceable by an approved Service Agent/Centre
  • High strength ABS (thermoplastic) casing
  • Side case with metal bush for shaft housing
  • Minimum static strength 12kN
  • 8mm galvanised wire rope
  • Supplied with pull down cord
  • 150kg capacity for operator and tools


Technical Data:

  • Maximum rated load: 150kg
  • Minimum static strength 12kN
  • Braking force: less than 6kN
  • Wire Rope – 4.8mm galvanised
  • Operating Temperature: -30°C to +50°C
  • PPE Category III Retractable Type Fall Arrestor


Each item comes fully certified with a test certificate or an EC Declaration of Conformity. The above items are in conformity with the provisions of Council Directive 89/686/EEC and the standards indicated above.


Technical Data:

Product Code Dimensions
TRE 15 293 397 975 176
TRE 30 340 477 1015 200

Data Tables

Product Code Description Max Rated Load (kg) Wire Diameter (m) Length (m) Weight (kg)
TRE-15 Recovery Block 15m 150 4.8 15 11.8
TRE-30 Recovery Block 30m 150 4.8 30 18.6
TRE-BR Recovery Block Bracket for Tripod 2.0