Noiseless BHW Winch

Noiseless 1200lb model available.

This model is equipped with a patented quiet brake design that is virtually silent and fully automatic. Best suited to those locations where quiet is required, such as schools, hospitals and theatres.

Product no: BHW-N

Data Tables

Hand Winch

Product Code Pulling Capacity (lbs/kg) Lifting Capacity (lbs/kg) Gear Ratio Hub Diameter (mm) Handle Length (mm) Unit Weight (kg) Cable Diameter (mm/lbs) Cable Storage Cap. (m) Strap Storage Cap. (m) Technical Drawing
1st Layer Mid Layer Last Layer
BHW-1200N 1200/550 1200/550 864/392 600/275 4.1:1 Ø50 210 3.5 Ø5/Ø3/16 23 8.5

Winch Straps (for Pulling Only)

Product Code Description Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Breaking Load (Kg) Available For
TG-48 6 meters with safety hook 48 1.2 2068.5 BHW-800 & BHW-1200

Winch Wire Rope

Product Code Description Diameter (mm) Breaking Load (Kg) Available For
WWR-05-20 20 meters with safety hook 5 2000 BHW-1200