Dual Handle Brake Winch

Our BHW range can be modified with a new style pinion shaft that allows the handle to be fitted on either or both sides of the winch; this has been designed for areas with difficult access or situations when the conventional right handed winch handle isn’t suitable.

For BHW winches with a dual handled pinion shaft, the BHW-0800 (800lb) and BHW-1200 (1200lb) models are supplied with two handles, as the fittings for each side are not the same. The BHW-1800 (1800lb) and BHW-2600 (2600lb) models come with one handle that fits on either side. If a handle is required to be fitted on both sides of either the 1800lb or 2600lb models, please ask us for more details. The dual handle pinion shaft for the noiseless version (BHW-1200N) is not generally available from stock but may be available as an option – please contact us if this is your preferred design.

Please see the BHW page for more details.

Product no: BHW-D