BCB Bulb Flat Bar Anchor/Clamp

The Tiger BCB bulb bar anchor is designed for attaching to bulb profiles of bulb flat bars approved for lifting applications. These are often found in ship compartments, engine rooms and overhead bridge deck structures. The bulb bar anchor provides a semi-permanent lifting point. The large integrated shackle gives easy connection for all different types of lifting machines.

Our BCB bulb flat bar anchor can be side loaded up to 45° and cross loaded up to 15° without derating the unit, whilst still maintaining a 4:1 factor of safety.

** Please note that this model must NOT be used for lifting beams. It is a suspension point.

Product no: BCB

Main Features

  • 1.5t and 3.0t capacities available
  • Quick and versatile rigging point for hoisting equipment when attached to bulb flat bars approved for lifting applications
  • Shackle suspension point
  • No tools required – integrated adjusting screw spindle
  • Operating temperature -40°C to +80°C (temperature range of -60°C to +80°C available as an option)
  • Up to 45° side loading with no deration
  • 15° cross loading with no deration
  • Factor of safety: 5:1 for straight pulling and lifting, 4:1 at other angles stated above



Each unit comes fully certified with a test certificate or an EC Declaration of Conformity stating compliance with the essential health and safety requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.


Ensure the handle is fully tight before commencing operation.


We advise that structural calculations are carried out on all beams and supporting steel work by qualified engineering departments to ensure safe operation.

We hold complete technical files for our products to provide full back-up and reassurance on our products’ performance and to ensure that advice for our equipment is readily available.

Due to our policy of continual product development, dimensions, weights and specifications may change without prior notice. Please check with your Tiger sales team when ordering.

Data Tables

Product Code Capacity (tonne) Dimensions (mm) Net Weight (kg) Technical Drawing
BCB-0150 1.5 160-240 35 173-200 125-151 58 71 22 3.6
BCB-0300 3.0 240-320 42 214-241 155-182 68 94 25 6.4