TVC Vertical Lifting Clamp

Tiger vertical lifting clamps are used for the safe vertical lifting and handling of pre-assembled reinforcing round or irregular shaped steel bars.

When the clamp is high out of reach the centre lever type open lock can be operated via the remote-control rope to lock the clamp into the open position.

The side stopper on the side of the body will engage when the remote-control lever is moved to upward position. The side stopper can prevent reinforcing rods coming off due to pressure from the rods.

Product no: TVC

Main Features

  • 1t capacity
  • For reinforcing steel rods D16-D38 and D35-D51
  • Safety lever prevents reinforcing rods dropping off the clamp
  • Equipped with releasing mechanisms and control from remote distance

Data Tables

Product Code Capacity (tonne) Applicable diameters (mm) Reinforcing steel rods I L b B Net weight (kg) Technical Drawing
TVC-1L3 1.0t 16-41 D16-D38 78 234 63 124 11.0
TVC-1L5 1.0t 35-55 D35-D51 109 265 87 148 12.0


Due to our policy of continual product development, dimensions, weights and specifications may change without prior notice. Please check with your Tiger sales team when ordering.