WAR-I Air Winch

Tiger WAR-I series air winches are designed specifically for mining, construction, marine and general engineering applications. The compact design of the winches allows them to be installed quickly where required in any orientation. They comply with the requirements of ASME B30.7. The manufacturing facility producing the winches is ISO9001 certified.

Product no: WAR-I

Main Features

  • Range – 0.5, 1, 2 & 3 tonne
  • Reliable, fast, efficient and quiet
  • Compact design
  • Extended drum versions available for increased rope capacity
  • Easy to mount
  • Greater than 5:1 factor of safety
  • Available with the following controls – toggle or pendent


Load Limiter:

All the WAR-I Series winches are fitted with an integral load limiter which automatically prevents overloading of the winch. Load limiter is 100% repeatable at all working pressures and does not wear or generate damaging heat.

Emergency Stop:

Winches can be supplied with an emergency stop device as an option. This shuts off the main air supply to the winch when activated.

Precise Control:

Lever control and pilot pendent control offer variable speed control. Accurate and precise positioning of loads is standard for all models.

Fail Safe Disc Brake:

Non-asbestos self-adjusting disc brake is applied automatically when the air supply to the winch is shut off. The brake is self-adjusting for the life of the brake and is capable of holding in excess of 125% of the working load limit.

Integral Silencer:

The exhaust air silencer is built into the winch frame and limits the noise level to 80dB(A).

Vane Motor:

Assisted vane lifting ensures maximum starting torque when starting under load.

Sealed Gearbox:

The sealed planetary gearbox ensures that the most stringent duty cycles can be met. The gears are heat treated and mounted on high strength, low friction bearings.

Ease of Maintenance:

The modular design of the winch allows easy access to internal components such as the motor, gearbox, brake, load limiter and drum assembly. Common parts are used throughout the range.